Major Preparation began in February 2012. The company started after the passing of the Majors' father, Gary, "Big Wes" Majors, who instilled many the life skills & character skills into others. The Majors family was faced with their biggest challenge in life when they lost their father, but that did not stop them from preparing for their destiny & putting in the "Major Work" to turn their goals into realities based off of the critical life skills their father taught.
Major Prep LLC has a variety of components to the brand that are essential to the development of others. Major Prep Basketball provides elite level athletic training to athletes, eight years old through professionals. Major Prep Cycle Breakers provides a mentoring program to teach others how to break all negative life cycles & obtain his or her full potential. Major Prep Apparel is a brand that emphasizes on providing affordable luxury apparel to any goal getter, no matter the goals. Owned, operated & founded by the Majors Family, with the vision that Major Prep will reach local & national markets but also be branded to have a global appeal.

Major Prep LLC motto's are simple, “Major Work=Major Results” & "Stay Focused, Remain Humble & Keep Working!"  Understanding we all have a unique gift within us & it is important that we all tap into it so we can leave a legacy on the world. Remember, a plant never grows without being watered, the same goes for your goals in life. Keep Working!